How it Works

Landmark focuses on all aspects of care for our patients. When you qualify, the entire Landmark team is available to support you.

How does it work?

Each interaction from your Landmark Health Provider and Care Team is personalized to your needs. We work with you and your family in your home, over the phone, and even over video, if you’d like. And we coordinate with your other care providers. We are there for you when and where you need us. And our services save you time and money. Call us any time – day or night, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Your First Visit

  • If you are eligible, you will receive a call from Landmark to set up your first appointment. Or you can call us at (877) 240-3112 to check your eligibility.
  • A Landmark nurse will call you to learn more about you prior to the visit.
  • A Landmark doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant will come visit you at home, assisted living facility, or other location of your choosing. Initial visits are typically 60 minutes and allow you to meet your provider, learn about our services, and ask all the questions you want. Your provider will ask about your other providers, have you sign forms to allow us to coordinate with your other providers, take your vitals, and hear what is important to you.

Ongoing care. After your initial visit, you and your provider will set a future visit schedule based on your goals and your access to your other providers. Regular visits include services much like those you would receive in an office visit, but in the comfort of your home, and scheduled at your convenience.

Urgent care. Receive urgent diagnosis and treatment 24/7 in your home, including fluids, medications, prescriptions, labs, and x-rays. No appointment necessary. Avoid long waits, expensive bills, and germs at urgent care or the emergency room.

Post‐discharge care. Coming home from the hospital or skilled nursing facility can be a challenge, and unfortunately many people are re-admitted within a few weeks. New diagnoses and medications can be confusing, and patients and family members may have different recollections of instructions. Our providers will meet you at home, help you review your medications and follow-up instructions, and put a plan in place to avoid future admissions.

Care Coordination. We will ensure that your Primary Care Provider, specialists, family, and care givers are aware of your goals and needs, and have the full picture of your health.

Wellness. When you join Landmark, you get a team working for you. You have free access to your own local nurse, pharmacist, social worker, behavioral health specialist, and dietician, all there to help you achieve your health goals.

Insurance Coverage

Services are considered in network with most major insurance companies.

Call to see if you are eligible

Patient Testimonials

“Landmark is able to help people maintain their independence by keeping them at home and out of a retirement community. This is a first-class service”.

— Shirley & Roger Johnson

“It’s often difficult to get a doctor’s appointment when needed and Landmark is always available to meet our needs. This allows prompt attention to medical concerns and issues that arise. They are handled quickly and efficiently. Thanks Landmark you are greatly appreciated and we look forward to continuing with your services.”

— The Family of Eldridge Willis

“People find it unbelievable that doctors come to my home to provide care. It’s awesome. I can’t believe the service.”

— Paul Jung