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Landmark Health currently provides services in all three boroughs of New York City – Brooklyn, Queens, & Bronx and all of Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk).

Learn More About How Landmark Works

Who is Landmark?

Landmark New York is a full service medical group that provides the best of both worlds: preventive medical care and 24/7 urgent care, all delivered in your home. Our local board-certified doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants are experts in house calls. Landmark is covered by your insurance plan, just like a visit to the doctor or urgent care, but in the comfort of your home. We coordinate closely with your primary care physician, specialists, and other caregivers. Our services do not substitute for those times when you need to be treated in the hospital, but we can help you determine when an ER or hospital visit is necessary. Fortunately we can treat many medical issues successfully in your home.

Am I Eligible?

Service Area

We serve patients in the following service areas:

Health Insurance

Landmark currently cares for patients in the following insurance programs:

  • Anthem/ Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Health Status

To be eligible you must have at least six or more chronic health conditions.

To find out if your conditions make you eligible:

CALL (347) 378-9899
What conditions can Landmark treat in my home?
  • Heart failure
  • COPD and Asthma
  • Urinary tract infections (UTIs)
  • Cuts, wounds and rashes
  • Cellulitis and abscesses
  • Nausea, vomiting, and gastrointestinal issues
  • High blood pressure
  • Fever, colds, pneumonia, upper respiratory infections
  • And much more….
Additional Services
  • Administration of IV fluids
  • In-home lab, x-rays, and ultrasounds
  • IV and injectable medications, including antibiotics for serious infections
  • Prescriptions and medication review
  • Catheter insertion and removal
  • In-home pharmacist, dietician, and social worker
  • Referrals for home oxygen, durable medical equipment, home health services, and hospice
  • Palliative care consultations

What does Landmark Cost?

If you are a Medicare Advantage member, Landmark services are absolutely free. If you get your insurance through your employer or purchase it individually, copays and out-of-pocket expenses vary based on your insurance benefits. Prescriptions and referrals made by Landmark to other providers/services will be charged by them in accordance with your health insurance benefits.

If you have not yet been contacted by your health plan or Landmark, you can check your eligibility and the cost for Landmark services by calling health plan customer service or Landmark directly.

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