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How In-home Care Works for you

Emergency Room

Imagine you are a patient with cancer who is getting chemotherapy and you develop abdominal pain and vomiting over the weekend. You call your Primary Care Physician, but an on-call doctor who does not know you says to go to the Emergency Room. In the ER, you (an immunocompromised patient) are admitted for observation, despite normal tests other than mild dehydration. On the second hospital day, you develop a fever and are found to have a resistant urinary infection. You subsequently end up with a 7-day hospitalization followed by a three week stay in the Nursing Home because you became too weak to walk, your chemotherapy treatment is delayed, and you never recover back to your prior state of health.

Landmark Care

Now imagine instead, you are part of the Landmark program and when in distress, you call Landmark over the weekend. The Landmark doctor comes to your home within an hour and draws labs in your house which show the mild dehydration. The Landmark doctor places an IV and you receive fluids in the comfort of your home, as well as a prescription for pain and nausea medications. You (an immunocompromised patient) now feel better and can stay at home, saving you from exposure to germs in the emergency room that your body might not have been able to fight off. You were checked on again 2 days later by Landmark and are now back to normal.

This is the difference the Landmark Model makes.

Why Landmark

Care tailored to your life and your needs, on your schedule, and in your home.

Landmark allows patients to be independent, allows flexibility in their schedules, makes sure their conditions don’t interfere with their daily life and priorities like family and doing the things they love. Instead of spending time in traffic, at urgent care, and in the waiting room, patients can be with friends and family.

Life can be complicated. We can help you and your family make sense of your conditions and advice from your other providers, discuss your options, and tailor a plan that works for your life.

Patient Story

“When I first started seeing my Landmark provider the relief was so immense because finally I had somebody else looking at my medical care. It was such a load off my shoulders. She heard me, she listened to me.”

Julie Landmark Patient

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Landmark Patient and Caregiver

“Before Landmark, It was a constant uphill battle, to get the care you need. Not much hope, not much care. Landmark is a company that takes things from where they are, to where they ought to be. It’s really helped up with the stress and the worry to know that somebody else is there.”

Bruce Landmark Patient

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